Here is where you can find my photography.

I have always loved photography and it has always been one of my central hobbies.

I recently purchased a 5D Mark II after a long love affair with Pentax cameras. I still feel that Pentax cameras have much better usability and much better value for money, however, unfortunately, they don’t have a high enough quality sensor for my likening nor a 35mm sensor. Hence the switch.

I have two sections showcasing my photography:
Good work, Untouched

The in Instagram section, I have photos I have taken with my iPhone 4S, and edited in Camera+ and Instagram. These photos get the full barrage of filters and edits. They are about as real as canned spam.


In the Good work, Untouched section, I have posted pictures I have taken with either my Pentax K10 D or my Canon 5D Mark II.
These pictures get minimal edits, basic rotation here, white balance there, you get the idea. The most extreme thing I will do is attempt an HDR, any other effects you see, were done optically.